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Keto Kitchen Must Haves & Those you Should Avoid


Must Haves

  1. Eggs
  2. Quality meats (preferably grass-fed)*
  3. Low carb veggies  such as broccoli, asparagus, bok choy, brussels sprouts, etc
  4. Flour alternatives. I have coconut and almond flours on hand.
  5. Real butter ( I use Kerrygold).
  6. Snacks to grab and go  such as cheese sticks, pepperoni, salami, pickles, sausages, hot dogs, beef sticks or jerky (watch for sugar!).
  7. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil- check the ingredients to make sure you're actually getting EVOO!)
  8. Replacements for your "can't live without" items (chocolate, coffee creamer, vegetable oil, ice cream, pretzels, etc). I bought some ChocZero dark chocolate almond bars that are amazing! 
  9. ALL THE WATER. Seriously this one is so important.

Good to Haves

  1. Natural sugar substitutes (I prefer erythritol, but you could also use Stevia). I had to buy the erythritol on Amazon, but I'm sure Whole Foods or Sprouts carries it.
  2. Snacks you can keep in your bag. 
  3. Berries. 
  4. Electrolyte water or supplements. 


  1. Sugar. An obvious one, but you would be surprised how many products have sugar in it (beef jerky, bacon, pasta sauce, & ketchup to name a few).
  2. Starchy vegetables.
  3. Most fruit. Berries are the only true keto friendly fruit. 
  4. Keto pills of any kind.
  5. Ketone test strips.

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