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Beginning Keto: Five Tips to Help you Successfully Start Keto!

Hi all!  While I've only been doing keto for a short about of time, I researched a ton leading up to my start. I had done other diets, and had other tries at 'eating healthier ( i.e. the Standard American Diet or 'SAD'), and even tried Whole30 in 2016, only to ultimately fail.

Fast forward to 2018, I was eating terrible things (mostly carb related), and I actually felt physically awful. I had a headache almost every day for three straight weeks, was exhausted no matter how much I slept, and never felt like doing anything. I started casually pinning keto recipes on Pinterest, and then suddenly I was looking into all the details I could find. 

I've only been eating keto for a few weeks, but I physically feel better than I have in years. I haven't had nearly as many headaches, I'm not as tired as before, and I'm actually starting to feel like doing things outside my house. I also don't have constant sugar cravings anymore! I'm looking forward to the additional benefits of this way of eating. 

Below are some tips that have helped to make my keto journery successful so far.

Five Tips to Help you Successfully Start Keto!

  1. Join /r/keto and /r/ketoxx (women specific support) or any other support platform. I can not begin to explain the amount of support and help I've received on these subreddits so far. I mostly lurked, and read other people's posts, and found it to be really inspiring. I'm also lucky enough to have a really supportive spouse who is also doing keto with me. 
  2. Make a meal plan before you start. I loosely planned 30 days of dinners before I even started; I had been casually pinning keto recipes for a while so this wasn't too hard for me. I also included some of our regular favorites, and just made simple changes to "ketofy" them. I did my monthly menu in pencil so I could move items around as needed, but you could easily do this in Excel or even on your phone if you want it electronically.
  3. Keep it simple. In the beginning focus on getting used to the basics: meat, eggs, and low carb veggies. I try to avoid involved side dishes and focus on the dinner main. I usually add a low carb veggie like broccoli, bok choy, or brussels sprouts simply roasted in the oven. It can be fun to try to recreate favorites (and I'm definitely guilty of this), but honestly this way of eating is only as challenging as you make it.  
  4. Keep going! Mistakes are going to happen, but don't let that discourage you. Pick up your bacon, and move forward! I almost accidentally cheated by not realizing that Arby's put a "red ranch" on their beef 'n' cheddar sandwich (bunless). So frustrating! I was just trying to grab something keto friendly and quick!  Instead of giving up, or throwing $$$ away, I did some quick inet research, and found that Abry's actually has a tool on their website where you can remove ingredients and calculate the nutritional info for any item on their menu. Once I knew how many carbs were in front of me (11g) I was able to pivot, and rearrange my dinner meal, and came in under my daily goal!
  5. Understand that everyone's keto journey is different. I've seen countless disappointed posts online about how they expected to have lost more weight. Reminder: everyone's body is different, and can react in unexpected ways. Most of us, have been eating carb-based diets for life...for me that's 29 years. As long as you're following your personal macros (an adjusting when needed) your body should eventually catch up. Give it time. 

Share your own tips for keto beginners in the comments below!

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